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We’re going to be alloy
Hidden in our armchair compartment
We’re going to destroy
All hostess’ in primal disappointment
Naked shining in bathing blunt mystic
As we walk down to the strange lights we’re stoned
Coming into our honed pewter plastic
The impossible yes, but I think it’s all naturally grown
Love me twice like they say
Once for the morning once just for play
I could not even speak
You could give it to me all fucking week
Then I’ll just go away
All right yeah!!
Tell me when you’re tired so I’ll stop
The tree’s midnight laugh so their leaves drop
And I see you crying in the moon’s awful glare
You are caught inside my dream, statuesque and fair
Let’s drift into sunset licked by horizon
We could float away in the aqua meridian
Drive our souls toward earth’s moon rising
As we come among the wild blast like black obsidian
Now I can see you
I hold on to you
Screaming out loud, So change
Were you always this strange
When the last time we cried
Discovering our minds
Have we lived before we died
Could our taunts be finds
I can’t see your fixture
Did you go to the outer limits
Stark in blueberry bushes and boysenberries
Infinities dawn breathes the right summits
While eating strawberries and raspberries
I won’t need your picture
Now we turn down the lights
The music sends gardens to bed
And we dance like Indians
In our head
Let me tell you about lost and forgotten words
Like promise, like truth
Our enemies contradicted these for beastly absurds
Then beat us throughout our youth
Come here I love you
I’m getting sick of this fucking around
Listening near and then we’re far
How’d you see her where you are
I’m sick of fucking around
I could hold you like this if only you’d hear my sound
Wake up
Save us
Break us
Then there is the green fields
Turning a dusty ocher hiss
As the amber winds force yields
Into a succulent lustful wild kiss
Fill my soul a banter frolic
Just a minute and we’d be past full
A minute more we’d be Stoic
The last-minute we’re etched in lull
The shaman’s blues
Who scared you
Do the things you do
We were together
That where the time flies to murky forest
Light- See rays become morning
Wonder what you’ll see in pitch darkness
Life- Turn into optical warning
You are the one’s who will rule the world
Listen to the Children


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Follow me down to the witnessing mirrors
Let’s see our reflections soar into the beauty
Completing the running time that has come
Across the sea the flowing wind cries mystery
The shine bubbles writhing inquiries talked lips
Arching in coarse touching, bodies howling
A promise in love or the significant mid-turn reply
now I’m dormant like heaven’s rain blast purple stars
The wedded moon’s blue signals die into summer wheat
The horns blow tangerine As I slip cooly into your dream
There it is again the other reason for love-  Comfort
There is never going to be another like you and remember anyway
Alright this motion afford compliance to the mountains reach
And you’re mine once gazed fingers caress kissing colors
Touch my grizzly bear savior out hungry in abolishing wilderness starvation
Who can do the things you do without being called happy
There is a certain feeling I must feel while your alone for you
I cry jaunty in sweat and become born with solutions amazing
Take the door, open children laughing and hear them rule the world
And I know for a splashing moment that stomachs twist in confidence
Prisoned in our minds we explode our explore with timid and burnt glass
My mask unfolds to parch a storm cloud arbitrary
Easy ride the rain’s bowed glint color potion blubbering our pretty
Screaming wild you’re my lunatic flower, my occupant in my dreams
Stirring the god’s eyes into glued smoke and stoned power convulsions
Coming as lovers do when heat escapes from under the white noise
Wishful blue cool water beautiful where I’d like to be
Wicked crow called out instinctive rubber rebounded folly
You and me in windy sunshine forest blanket and mirrored sin
Right back in the hollow weird surprise where the tears are dry
I’d love to hear you strangle my enterprise, my deliverance
My proposition, can you give me a place to hide inside your tranquillity
I can’t make it anymore as I search the highlands for a new dream
But there could be an unraveled river where stones get thrown
Leather roads probed toes and lunch trips of a grateful dead
Successful streets soft lines where sweet and shallow sayings praise
It going to be this way all day and nothing we say will be able to lay
Kiss the mirror as you follow your breath foggy moistened eye to eye hunt
We got a few at the edge of town where the city licks the woods
Make you sleep when we are done after our launched bodies carved memories
Why were you born my babe?  Just to play with me.  To freak out.
Or to be beautiful, my dear.