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All too familiar, all too strange
One way or forever these dreams become staged
The light echos hollow among the sullen earth
Her shadow is wings beating life into worth
She screams for the sun to warm her tears
To alleviate the flooded calm she fears
Darkness piles madness into wilderness
She fleets into her aura and fumbles her tenderness
His shadow rains upon the silent ground
His strength is vision and is infinite bound
She turns to glimpse his power and gains her wisdom
Her fear becomes death and waits until he sees his come
Infinite world, please let me touch the girl
She’s so free, hope one day she’ll fly with me
I’ll intrigue,  when her beauty follows her lead
She’s so free, maybe she’ll want to give it to me
Raven’s song, makes the sunshine shimmer so long
In my head, she’s the one for me til I’m dead
In the trees the wilderness gleams
Like metamorphosis beckons, redeems
Her limelight hardened and tranquil
Resonating willful shades of amber
The forest summoning life breeds wet
The creatures opt fright blankets their fret
A shrill echos lost in wild open chaos
As the night boroughs across
Like the soft pillowed cushion of moss 
Infinite girl, please let me touch your world
You fly so free, come down and rescue me
I’ll intrigue, and give you all that you need
You fly so free, take me to where we will see
Your raven’s song, makes our will become strong
In my head, you’ll be with me til I’m dead


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Taking a different scene
Can’t remember when I dream
Searching sanity for a scream
Wondering why
Break out
Sun calls out to men 
As the moon turns black
I see that the world has chased us down again
Walking into a realm that puts us back on a stranger day
Could be high, could be lost just the same way
You look at me so clearly
I touch you when you are near me
You turn your head and cry
Desperate for your reasons why
My fear seems to fuck my doubts away
Will my will have a chance to stay
Walking into a realm that puts us back on a stranger day
Could be dead, could be lost just the same way
Someone’s in the mirror
Someone’s in the mirror
That’s not me


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I feel your writhe begin
And then when your in
My skin
You’re alive within
And then when you writhe in
My skin
I feel your breath breathe
And then when you leave
My grieve
Your death I perceive
And then when you breathe
In again
I want to feel you writhe
And then when you’re inside
My skin
I want to feel you breath
And then when you leave
Writhe inside of me
Writhe inside of me
Alive inside of me
Alive inside of me
Alive when you writhe again
And then again when you’re in…
My skin


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Take form
Lean into the flow
Here we fucking go
Let out
And fall back
Take a look to know
Hey we’re going to get the distance
And once we’re there, we’re going to keep going
As we forget that we’re knowing
Sitting encompassed
Spinning triangles
Holy shit it strangles
Vibes decorate
Kindness collaborates
Edges to miscalculate
Hey it’s time to split our worry in the fields drenched rainstorm
Alive with secret desires above the totems that created fears
As life descends deceiving memories that hit and killed years
Now come here
Let me devour you
Fuck my treasure trove too
Please unleash
My curiosity
My fucking glossary
It’s making me contemplate the webbed machines coming
Hey we’ve frittered and wasted this monkey larva
As we poke around in gruesome beauty seeking nirvana


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Reaching out to searchers and dreamers
To see who will reach out to join the fly
We’re biting on wretched inquiry screamers
With only words open the door to you or I
Once we turn on the screen that brightly mold
Our creations of thinking in our mind we hold
Spewing the exhaust that we’ve burnt so bold
Then showing the world how our story is told
We envision a peace or a piece or a feel
Whether it completes the emptiness appeal
Or fulfills the energy living inside our zeal
We are exploring our muse that guides the real
Elation becomes us in our hour of finesse
We seek it every time in our lines we confess
To give an image that changes even more even less
As our shared pictured poems are what we possess


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I could make you close my door
And never return my brain
Even if you felt you could use some more
And tolerate the lost cold rain
I could drift you- and you would feel no pain
I could drift you- until you feel the same
I could talk to you once again
Let in the laughter you know
And maybe once we pass by so plain
We wouldn’t look twice we’d just go
There’s nothing wrong with feeling okay
It sure helps when we both feel that way
I might have known that you would say
That I wouldn’t feel no pain
You could drift me
Again and again and again
You could drift me- until we feel the same
Hear me loud- as if the time was near
I’ll scream it again to open your cloud
That plugs my voice from your ear
Hear me now- somebody drift me
I bet somehow-someone will drift me
Maybe sometime- you could drift me
Why Won’t you drift me drift me drift me


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Walk with me, walk with me and as I hold your hair
Talk to me, talk to me and pretend that I’m not there
Showing me , showing me, that you can’t stand my glare
Knowing me, knowing me, make me know you care
Make me know you care
Or call me a fool, call me a fool
I wouldn’t pass your school
I’d break every rule, every rule
Without ever being cruel
Perhaps I am a fool
Follow me, follow me into the wilderness
The wallow in me, wallow in me is full of emptiness
Holding me, you’re holding me or doing what feels best
You’re molding me, molding me from whatever else is left
Whatever else is left
Or fly me away, fly me away
I would never find my way
Lead me astray, lead me astray
I’ll remember the last thing you say
Then I’ll fly away


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I’ll try not to exhaust you
While I’m blind and/or weak
If my tongue stops it’s speak
Or if I fly off my wings
And my love stops it’s sting
Doesn’t mean I have lost you
Cuz’ I will if you want too
Yes I will
I will try not to push you
If my mind shouts within
With a shove pull you in
As the sun crouches slow
And my love shouts too low
Doesn’t mean I have touched you
And you know that I want too
Yes I do
I will try to love you
In this life here we are
When we’re close when we’re far
Never easy either way
And my love makes me say
Does this mean that I love you
Cuz’ I know that you want too
Yes you do


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You know I don’t want to go
But there’s still half of the show- to see…
And if you hold out your hand
It says you will understand- to me…
I’m glad that your here
I know you’ll be so sincere- to play…
And when we go out at night
We will be feeling just right-
Here is the world
Why don’t you come here
And stay
And now that it’s dawn
I hope it won’t take too long-  today…
So let me kiss you good morn
Now that the sun will be born-
Here is your world
Why won’t you come here
And stay.
I feel this stranger
isn’t strange at all.
Got some wisdom
and maybe she’ll want to call.
I could go deeper
while I’m going down her road.
Perhaps I could keep her
From doing what she’s told.


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It seems so long-
The way we play.
The things we do,
The price we pay.
We walk alone,
And die the same.
The ones we love,
Just have a name.
To go through you-
To live through sight.
And feel it once,
We, just might.
Called out to the wind.
The wind blew away.
Tried to gain power,
When night swallowed day.
Woke up in sweat-
Dead in the dream.
Thoughts overtake men,
Which makes us scream.
Death it comes.
And so I’m told.
From the left so sudden,
For young and old.
To be guided; To see-
Our attention has two.
We’ve been here before,
Still don’t know what to do.
You think it’s forever,
But don’t be a fool.
Death taps you first,
That is the rule.
Our stay is short.
For granted it’s wrong.
The price we pay,
It seems so long-