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I’ll try not to exhaust you
While I’m blind and/or weak
If my tongue stops it’s speak
Or if I fly off my wings
And my love stops it’s sting
Doesn’t mean I have lost you
Cuz’ I will if you want too
Yes I will
I will try not to push you
If my mind shouts within
With a shove pull you in
As the sun crouches slow
And my love shouts too low
Doesn’t mean I have touched you
And you know that I want too
Yes I do
I will try to love you
In this life here we are
When we’re close when we’re far
Never easy either way
And my love makes me say
Does this mean that I love you
Cuz’ I know that you want too
Yes you do


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You know I don’t want to go
But there’s still half of the show- to see…
And if you hold out your hand
It says you will understand- to me…
I’m glad that your here
I know you’ll be so sincere- to play…
And when we go out at night
We will be feeling just right-
Here is the world
Why don’t you come here
And stay
And now that it’s dawn
I hope it won’t take too long-  today…
So let me kiss you good morn
Now that the sun will be born-
Here is your world
Why won’t you come here
And stay.
I feel this stranger
isn’t strange at all.
Got some wisdom
and maybe she’ll want to call.
I could go deeper
while I’m going down her road.
Perhaps I could keep her
From doing what she’s told.


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It seems so long-
The way we play.
The things we do,
The price we pay.
We walk alone,
And die the same.
The ones we love,
Just have a name.
To go through you-
To live through sight.
And feel it once,
We, just might.
Called out to the wind.
The wind blew away.
Tried to gain power,
When night swallowed day.
Woke up in sweat-
Dead in the dream.
Thoughts overtake men,
Which makes us scream.
Death it comes.
And so I’m told.
From the left so sudden,
For young and old.
To be guided; To see-
Our attention has two.
We’ve been here before,
Still don’t know what to do.
You think it’s forever,
But don’t be a fool.
Death taps you first,
That is the rule.
Our stay is short.
For granted it’s wrong.
The price we pay,
It seems so long-


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A gun ready to fire; is like love
A knife willing to cut; is like love
A noose promising to hang; is like love
A girl wanting to love is like being shot, stabbed, or slung
Love is like a rose
Or a sunrise
Love is like a newborn
With beautiful blue eyes
Love is like the smell of rain
Or autumn
Love is like the ocean
Even at the bottom


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Fingers are sweating,
Skin looks bitten.
Secluded in sorrow,
From verse yet written.
Aging face,
My eyes see treasures.
A poem for Earth’s
Infinite pleasures.
Hear the mystery,
Touch of fire.
Enchanted sonnets,
For all to admire.
Legends to live for,
Visions to see.
The verve is fear,
In poetry.