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Take form
Lean into the flow
Here we fucking go
Let out
And fall back
Take a look to know
Hey we’re going to get the distance
And once we’re there, we’re going to keep going
As we forget that we’re knowing
Sitting encompassed
Spinning triangles
Holy shit it strangles
Vibes decorate
Kindness collaborates
Edges to miscalculate
Hey it’s time to split our worry in the fields drenched rainstorm
Alive with secret desires above the totems that created fears
As life descends deceiving memories that hit and killed years
Now come here
Let me devour you
Fuck my treasure trove too
Please unleash
My curiosity
My fucking glossary
It’s making me contemplate the webbed machines coming
Hey we’ve frittered and wasted this monkey larva
As we poke around in gruesome beauty seeking nirvana


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Reaching out to searchers and dreamers
To see who will reach out to join the fly
We’re biting on wretched inquiry screamers
With only words open the door to you or I
Once we turn on the screen that brightly mold
Our creations of thinking in our mind we hold
Spewing the exhaust that we’ve burnt so bold
Then showing the world how our story is told
We envision a peace or a piece or a feel
Whether it completes the emptiness appeal
Or fulfills the energy living inside our zeal
We are exploring our muse that guides the real
Elation becomes us in our hour of finesse
We seek it every time in our lines we confess
To give an image that changes even more even less
As our shared pictured poems are what we possess


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You know I don’t want to go
But there’s still half of the show- to see…
And if you hold out your hand
It says you will understand- to me…
I’m glad that your here
I know you’ll be so sincere- to play…
And when we go out at night
We will be feeling just right-
Here is the world
Why don’t you come here
And stay
And now that it’s dawn
I hope it won’t take too long-  today…
So let me kiss you good morn
Now that the sun will be born-
Here is your world
Why won’t you come here
And stay.
I feel this stranger
isn’t strange at all.
Got some wisdom
and maybe she’ll want to call.
I could go deeper
while I’m going down her road.
Perhaps I could keep her
From doing what she’s told.


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A holocaust of men
Straddling every inch humanity will allow
Wearing masks to hide their swollen minds
Cursed like demons, bellowing like fire
Vivid consumption, Earth’s renounced sancutary
Their eyes, liquid omniscience
Verbally abroad as the drunkenness prevails
Quivering through obscure dazzling light
An orgasm threaded in the pulsating connection
Deafening and blinding the child’s whimsical pain
As clouds shiver from which the cold winds deliver
A cry from the thick oozing wilderness silenced the air
Potent aggravations dissolving mystery
Aftermath in the sullen rubble
Slow death acting impatient
Humble grievances come toward the sunshine smile
Daylight murmuring little secrets
As the streets strewn with paper, cups, cans, cigarettes
Heard febble like the fenced Earth
Creatures, monsters, unyielding sloths
Caretakers uncaring
Money baths in the featured repetition
Great monkeys, terrific avalanche burnt mountain explosions
Bartering on every corner, any special, every corner
In the always contingent spiritual journey
The revolutions in the motionless eye
Space, cocked like a drunken sailor’s legs
Tucked in the uncertainty, the vastness of each breath
All the mischief, all the splendor, all the horror
All the wonder, all the chaos, all the peace…
Ugly streets


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A gun ready to fire; is like love
A knife willing to cut; is like love
A noose promising to hang; is like love
A girl wanting to love is like being shot, stabbed, or slung
Love is like a rose
Or a sunrise
Love is like a newborn
With beautiful blue eyes
Love is like the smell of rain
Or autumn
Love is like the ocean
Even at the bottom


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Fingers are sweating,
Skin looks bitten.
Secluded in sorrow,
From verse yet written.
Aging face,
My eyes see treasures.
A poem for Earth’s
Infinite pleasures.
Hear the mystery,
Touch of fire.
Enchanted sonnets,
For all to admire.
Legends to live for,
Visions to see.
The verve is fear,
In poetry.