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Plain white and lidless, apparently darkened by its own unborn self
Wiry stoned mockery, adjacent to the balance driven yearling
She is starving for the reasons where the answers are far from her reach
After all there are only water droplets in the reservoir calmly waiting


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The water flowed timeless
She washed away sorrow
I watched her get undressed
Which drowned my tomorrow
I floated downstream
Ears echoed hollow
No one could save me
And no one did follow
The water flowed timeless
She washed away sorrow
There I lay washed up
On the river’s bottom
No one to save me
Nothing but my shadow
No one to save me
Through this wet window
Moved like a soaked log
Wedged in the soft sand
Wedged in the soft sand
The water did stir
I let myself  churn
Sifted like gold dust
My spirit would yearn
The river had powers
More I would swirl
Pushed me into fathoms
I hope that I can spin here until I get stronger


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Shrink wrapped and foiled
Right before I’m boiled
Over the flames I go
Her coat reminded me of a time
In velvty soft lights
The frozen corn and creamy lime
We licked the spoons and glinted
Sponged the floors as they squinted
Our rooms were dusty reminders
Her hair flowed like water
The bathroom tile and porceline
Temperature fucked hotter
Limp roses lined the corridor
And lions
Amusing Scions
Dredged forth to the bright hollaring day
Ocean tides and estuaries
Her teacups all lying on the ground decay
Her smile chanted posture
Impossible suggestions