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Hear sounds elevate presence
Down the aging walk in reverence
Take the ride to the sunlight
Wearing time on your hand you just might
Find the walk quite elevating
Then descend unto the gravitating
Comes back to the wild
Sticks you into the riled
And then lets you go
Then lets you go
You could take the challenge with your desired thoughts
Bring you around the cave to begin the traveled spots
Showered into envy like a rabid mongrel rat
Seething your silent entry dormant Ferrel cat
Holding the mischief entity and stab the punished calmly
Letting in the rain showers where memories laughed balmy
Sudden shocked thunder dome winced death’s rituals and deepened eyes
To your test I am among the painful vitality racking alone persuaded lies
I’m still loving life and seeing creatures pass by juxtaposition waves through their joy
Waited for this moment my whole life and my patience exceeds my ambivalence toward rewards and embraced ploy
Furry resides the gate and plagued reservoir exile demon current sleek forest miniature
And I still may lurk jaws joints perfectly waited groans
Or moans
Youth still has been getting on with ways
Possibilities does the rights conquer the days
Souls penetrate communication and love lingers from body to body
No fault it just feels like the chase triggers wistful lust cased in naughty
But who are we anyway like dirt or dust littering the longitude
The ocean bellows timely moon tugs quaking lunatic attitude
Cold has silenced arched production and abandoned compassion
I can see the curve trip along the straightened height of stimulation
Overwhelmingly voice creeps in as the morning juts continuation
I’m holding bits and pieces left over from my heckling jarred tarnished dreams
Wide-eyed how we barely remember to be warm to hold on to what we feel deems
To be here right now and stay with me while I discover your body lingering in my mind
How I could love everything and let go at the same time, remember I’m an eternal find
Illusions that drawn curtains of soulful wisdom sounds farfetched as celebrations go
Breathing into the womb that is created in the realms deity and titanic vastly pardoned flow
Listen to the weather sing your sorrows away
Hear its magic crawl into your passionate play
We could hover inside the discovered eyes of life’s cosmic trance
We could suck up all the wonderings that are curious in a first glance
Hold the mask with one hand while the other gestures reverence and decipher limp commotion
As foraging into dreams are the silent steps toward venture, we ascend to our muse and emotion
Pour me off
A little dross
A weep and nigh
Allocations wet reply
Hope you are having time
Sneaking up to your sublime
Pour me into night
A little swipe
A deep and dry
Allegations split cry
Here is your whimsy climb
Peeking into our intense grind
Over thinking the mind from withered sounds frozen acute
Outside my lines penetrating what distance drawn me into lost mute
Dripping madness sweating happiness talking circles drowning blindly milk
Having nothing to say would be repetitive grazing watching tongues spin silk 
Feel connected to moments of weird unfathomable power
Swing into the fountain as the drain spirals my entity bower
And then there is you
Holding your breath
With your waiting eyes
Bewildering me
Taking me to where no one’s been
As I come back to you then…
We resonate our bliss
And watch the world list


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I am the wind,
My son.
I am the world.
I am the sky.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am the bird,
You see fly.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am the tree.
I am the cave.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am the sea.
I am the wave.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am the rain.
I am the snow.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am the stain,
That colors the rainbow.
I am the wind,
My son.
I am you.
You are me.
We are the wind,
My son.
If you are true,
You will see
The wind my son.