My invisible eyes now can see
They dream of light and discovery
Once they saw a meadow serene
And across the valley a mountain stream
I opened them, for the birds had a song
They would sing it to me all day long
Their tune sent shivers down my spine
I would hum along with them in my mind
I can touch the sight without loosing my way
That’s when I woke and saw you one day
My invisible eyes lent out the world
And you smiled as my thoughts unfurled
You kissed me with your wilderness glow
Then dance in my head like a new rainbow
Your crimson hair flying in the breeze
It’s a pleasure to see you and apiece
Now spoken, our life stories unravel
Like time was uncovered in our loose gravel
As we kick at the cobbles that mean the most
Then pick up the unique stones we really boast
My invisible eyes come out to be seen
As we strike out into this world of green
Our sights we’ll add to our pile of rocks
Each one telling our memory as it talks
We could believe in something that we hold dear
Together a new start is nothing we should fear
The light draws into these dreams we think of
For my eyes aren’t invisible when they see love

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