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Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2010 by ravenstooth
I feel frozen into her bright blue eyes
Changeling as the silent wings cry
She wore my best armor peeled and forgotten
Hammered in trusting residual, much too rotten
I stood there like an innocent boy
She held me so sturdy past all joy
I teared up while she took over my soul
When I sprang from my youth she swallowed me whole
there was nothing else I wanted to do
So I nudged her freezing winter deja’vu
And we saw the rest of our life ensue
Like lovers do…


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 24, 2010 by ravenstooth
I listen to his every word… word
His talk just makes me feel so good… oh so good
I let him into my sensual world, oh my word
He drives me to my aching. oh have you heard
Like storm that crash into my sea… just for me
He knows the reasons I come to be.  Oh he sets me free
I let him into my sensual world, oh my world
He holds me til I feel like I’m his girl, my heart just twirls
I could belong to him forever…I’m so sure
But from afar I see he’s off in search for more
The feelings touch my inner core, please hold me more
I could belong to him forever… I’m so sure
I let him into my sensual world, oh my word
My heart flies as high as birds, when I’m his girl
I think of him as my forever… that’s for sure
I listen to his every word… oh his word
His love will make me feel so good… oh so good
I hold him inside my sensual world, oh My world
He drives me to my aching. Oh he has heard
As my fire burns, my lust inflames me…just you see
He holds the reasons why I come to be. Oh he sets me free


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Sittin in my lonely room
And hey… I’m doing ok
There seems to be another shine
And hey…the reflection is mine
Seems so empty now
Now… that you have left me here
I couldn’t have asked for a better time
Now…that my mind is finally clear
Lowww… entrancing
Contemplating endless sight
And hey… I might come back
Weary about the road ahead
But hey…I’m right on track
Could I see the next horizon
Maybe in a thousand years
You could be my next surprising
Only if there were no tears
Slowww… entrancing
I should keep reminding
Maybe in a thousand years
I wish the days surrounded
All the wasted tears
There’s someone who will surprise me
In the horizon
And I’ll keep on laughing
All the time
Flowww… entrancing


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 8, 2010 by ravenstooth
Open up your heart my love
And send me all your world
You are all that I dream of
My one and only girl
Discover me on silent moss
And come and take my hand
The lake is striking our silhouette
A gust of wind slips through the trees
We lie on back to when we first met
And listen for love in the breeze
We tired out our fast deep breath
And hold ourselves in our eyes
The sun is sinking beneath the world
Our night is perched upon
I take your warmth you are my girl
As we sleep on the lawn
You’ll find me on the silent moss
Just come you’ll understand
Someday when the dream is real
Shadows forage an open feel
Belong to my strange day
Inside where our heart stay
What’d you say?
Open doors that never led
Into a day where time is dead
Come here and let love find
You give me your sweet sunshine
Do you mind?
As you seek me there
Someday we will make it real
Our wishes have an open feel
Let life take our time away
As we take our breath away
Will you stay
With me here
In this world we have no idea
Every day we try to become clear
Until we can feel it
And our will is our spirit
Don’t fear it
Don’t fear it


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on October 7, 2010 by ravenstooth
With these I see
Without I cannot cry
Saw the lost intent
Drown inside of me
Pick up the speed
Wait for the time of day
Heart lingers into what you say
Maybe it’s just what you need
Love isn’t blind
Once you can find
And if you don’t mind
I hope you are kind
It’d be a waste of time
For the pages we intend to climb
We’ll see
Each web is woven so…
You stick to me…
Got out beside
Sought you would try
Came upon this tree
That’s when you kissed me
Then you were gone
You changed the ME
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Hope you will stay
Yeah- is this clarity

Love isn’t blind
Once you can find
And if you don’t mind
I hope you are kind
It would be a waste of time
For the pages we intend to climb
I can erase our path behind
Walk it sublime
Why don’t you just echo me
Push me in through your infinity
Wrap me with your loving energy
Capture all my sensitivity
And stay…
Wrap me up with your energy
Push me in through your infinity
Or just stare and echo me…….



Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 5, 2010 by ravenstooth
These dreams we see
Inside our sleep
Are sometimes colored
And sometimes deep
We see the things we would never think
As to help us feel when we touch the brink
A reality pours into our soul
A vision of wonder
To ponder, to hold
We wake remembering only a slightest whiff
And once in a while we dare to climb the cliff
As for our reality, our dreams are guiding our way
We can see some parts play out in the things we say
These dreams we see
Inside our sleep
Are everything woven
In the company we keep


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Outside the world is lit
With outstretched and flowering
Dawn’s intention drowns the night
Sounding simple interesting
Wake dimensions lingering
Falling for the waded moments
Triangled visionings
Sounds are resigned by our fascinations
The white is radiant
Look to horror
Signal fires laugh at me
Warriors dressed in spring beckoning
Death imposing threatening
We divulge into the forest
Burning home the frozen wonder
See the devil mock the heavens
Watching women walk together
Seeing all that has yet to come
Some day you’ll get your shit
Letting brothers strangle loving
See once more the wild repress
Wait a moment the rain is falling
Soul drained into wet
Here the river floods our weakness
Driven to the ocean’s fret
Summoning life’s mute bleakness
I saw the crows come in
And they searched for days in mountains
Here they are tired and spent
Feathers loose and molting
There’s no way to describe
The perfect circle or heron’s vie
A feeble one will try to place
Their hands upon the mirror’s face
And reaching for the blinking eye
They hold themselves way up high
Capturing the season to come
A twenty-eight winter or a load for some
There was a time that they shut their mouth
And seeked the mansions and headed south
We could be honored at our bed
With roses and lilies that wilt when dead
As for the rest of time we will not see
The days are just as long in infinity
She’ll touch your wisdom
Her finger tips
Wipe the ancient across your visions
Celebrate her aged pleasures and lips
Soon to belong to destiny
The fate is motion like the river
Cascading boroughs before long ago
The water’s entity is quick as silver
Staring serenely into an empty ally
the ghosts are presiding in the hot liquid folly
Your dance in the myote brings out the coyote
You strike the death eyes blank and power
She weeps at the blank stare for hours and hours
No one home where the polished cars park
The carpets are dirty and so is the dark
Ominous reeds in milky puddled thrush
Seconds before fucking the waters will gush
We wake at noon with the time spinning around
Like the sound of happiness peeking our found
Whose to guide the mystery boxed future
With the fluttering inside the stomach’s torture
Just let it out, the paper doesn’t mind
As for the pen and ink-
They are color-blind