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The full moon
and autumn
Cool evenings return
Thoughtless sleep
Mirrors weep
Tried to find clouds
Lost in hour-glass sands
HMM.. If only
The fall moon was
Then I’d be with
Restless and worried
Where did the summer go
She’s gone
Trapped inside her reflection
and bottom
The full moon
and autumn


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Tasting your tears
Knowing your sadness holds you down
Giving you my love
My calmness creates a smile for that frown
Make your eyes shine
Our hearts combine
Kissing your skin
Our love begins
I hold you in my arms until your sleeping
I’ll keep your smiling eyes clear from weeping
Feeling you breathe
Watching your chest rise up and down
You dream in peace
You make me chase that dream around
Fall in your sleep
Our breaths are deep
The lights go dim
Our love begins
We lie there dreaming in our calming autumn


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I saw her in the world
Then I saw her as I dreamed
She was two diferent people
Or so it seemed
In the world she never even looked
Not an acknowlegdement at all
The dream she held my eyes fixed on hers
Her voice was soft autumn when leaves fall
If our paths  should ever cross again
Perhaps she’ll want to see
That in the world or in a dream
She’ll always be fixed on me

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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I thought that you were playing with sunshine.
I let you in and gave you my lost time.
You thought that love was waiting on downstream.
You let me in and gave me your lost dream.
We held so close to one of another.
Now it’s time to feel the blame.
We fell apart.
And we’re not the same.
 I thought that we might share the moon’s rise.
As autumn’s color peeks perfection.
We stood down at the river’s side to gaze at our reflection.
You thought that maybe the night has gone.
Just wait until the sun has slipped.
We heard the morning birds in song,
Repeating like a record skipped.
We held so close to one another
Now it’s time to feel the same.
We fell apart.
And we’re both to blame.


































Freakazoid Skeleton…

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I came across a pine tree forest, with needles long in green and brown.
It took some time to linger on, and once I did I heard this sound.
She flew around up high in the trees, talking to the world below.
Came on down so I could see, she landed on a branch like a crow.
I couldn’t help but watch her eyes, flickering inside my mind.
She borrowed dreams I had not dreamed, showing me that I was blind.
Mimicking the world I sought of, no more hope just a power tribe.
She took my hand and I felt love, a medium that masks a bribe.
Woven like the nest up high, I had the feeling that she would die.
I turned around to see her fly, up through the branches without reply.
I realized my dream had gone, coming too I could hear her song.
It took some time to linger on, and once it did I felt so strong.


Freakazoid Skeleton…

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Above the mist we rise.
Where darkest eyes are wet.
We strike with our surprise.
The things we have yet met.
The mist comes lurking out.
It seems to always fade.
Our faces full of doubt.
Without the sun’s bright shade.
We’ve conjured age.
Like timeless freaks.
We’ll turn on rage.
And run the streets.
We’ve gone to bed.
With smiles and feet.
The days unsaid.
Will be discreet.
Above the mist we’ll see.
Where we once rose.
It’s time our ship sailed free.
Like the mist that flows.
The mist is freaking out
We all just fade away.
What was this all about.
Another sun filled day.

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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Watch the birds come at dawn.

Picking grubs from the lawn.

And I give out a yawn.

It’s now tomorrow.


Then the sun gives a shout.

With it’s arms reaching out.

And I have all my doubt.

Or is it sorrow.


Through the glass when I peer.

I see the clouds turn to fear.

That’s when I disappear.

From the shadow. 


As I walk away though.

It may rain or even snow.

Either way I have to go

Outside my window.

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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I could fall into your eyes and stay just for one day.

Fly high with the sun in my mind altered infusion.

You could laugh again and forget the reasons for your sour sight.

If you could laugh again, unprompted. Unworried.

I could fall into your dreams and fly toward your sun altered infusion.

Dance like a butterfly and be seen as a flutter, windless and catatonic.

Lit on the candle’s end as the torch brightens even the darkest tears.

Her breath became a signal that midnight and dead end decisions are listless and pale.

To the confusion hordes from the dillusions inside the traffic blurred vision.

Remember the cool winds on the oceans front.

The salty hedge grove, the days were spent digging toes in the sand.

Listening to the air and smelling time pass with the pure energy.

Letting our minds go without fear of losing our true essence of life.

Like leave falling in autumn or listening to the morning. Forgetting.

Let it go and laugh again unprompted.

You‘ve earned it.

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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Once the world has ceased to move.

And the moon becomes a distant and ancient friend.

We’ll be singing about it’s pleasures.

When there was a distant shore.

Your tide flow nourished.

Only sought by your magnetic ambition.

We ritualized on the monthly shaman.

Your hair glowed with a torture so full.

Moon has risen all in awe.

On every night that the clouds are invisible.

Freakazoid Skeleton (Trippy) cont…

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Went outside to see all the screaming.

Heard someone laughing at all the ravens.

Once I saw them I started dreaming.

And fell into the belief and began behaving.

As if the world known to men wasn’t here.

Suddenly the earth began to shake and crumble.

The murder was called due to the rain and thunder.

These times are becoming drunk and we stumble.

Until the ravens show full alert, our mood is still humble.

We’ll speak to the remaining men when they are here.

Forests are in darkness and the rivers are colder than the year before.

Waters flow rage into the stormy sea, and our minds melt like the winters white.

As death reeks across the silent meadow that echos in the blinding snow.

On the reasons and frozen lakes the ravens perch, huddled like shaggy ink.

The distance hollars to the men who once preached to a future that will never get here.

Another moon has decended the days, with a mystical haze. In which we gaze with such awe and gives the ravens their caw. As we dance in it’s cast like they did in the past, we’re so bounded to the ground where our madness astounds. For a flash in a moment we were on the right trail, yet for some blood we tasted, death was only to prevail. A friend phoned and I saw the edge of the world slip into the memory and into forgetfulness.

I could have been slaughtered by the rain and fall into a field surrounded by avalanche.

I should have witnessed the surrender of a tall beauty and search far for the winter that spills existence. The creatures walked frozen in their uncertainty as they foraged for life in the barrens wasted. Her temperment shorted while the beast turn favor in the midnight starvation. A warrior or mockerist belched the tranquility, and we ate the lizard’s hissing regurge.

Somewhere the shutter shakes and all is blurred. The reset only allows a moment to be resurfaced. Because the time is timed the discovery needs to be quick. As the flight is hastened, the perch becomes totemic. All in favor begin the ritual. Take back the Earth and create the wilderness precession. A whirlpool and formless, the sound of wind blown grasses lick against our quiet movements. The grouse run chaos through it’s sharp breeding edge. Where are the men that will shelter the storm when it hunts here.

All grudges gone. With the exception of sight and fright.

I never had an original thought.

Only the ones I forgot…